Self-Propelled Modular TransportersOur new 600 Series Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) provide a compact solution for transporting heavy loads. Designed for in-plant operation, the Enerpac SPMT’s slim height and compact frame make it easy to lift, maneuver and lower a load in a confined space. Each wheel has an individual drive motor, steering actuator and lifting cylinder. The entire system is controlled by an easy to use wireless controller.

A modular design enables multiple trailer configurations increasing the total capacity of the system. A single trailer can transport up to 67 tons. Equalized suspension automatically spreads the weight of a load across each of the connected trailers and wheels.

We currently offer two standard SPMT models. The cost effective SPMT600-100 has a rack and pinion steering system capable of +-50 degrees steering and a maxim configuration of 4 x 2. The versatile SPMT600-360 has slew drive steering system capable of +-179 degrees steering and maximum configuration of 6 x 2.


Modular Design

- Simple trailer connections enable multiple configurations
- Depending on the model, the trailers and hydraulic power units can be configured to a maximum of 4 trailers in 2 rows (4x2) or 6 trailers in 2 rows (6x2)

Wireless Controller
- Can be used both hard wires and wireless (based on radio frequency)
- Automatically recognizes when additional trailers are connected

Equalized Suspension
- The weight of the load is automatically spread across each of the connected trailers and wheels
- The cylinders will absorb the unevenness of the ground and function to lift and level during travel

Hydraulic Power Units
- One power pack can operate 2-3 trailers maximum depending on the model
- Tier-4 diesel engine for reduced emissions

Transport by Container
- Two trailers and a power back can be shipped inside a 20 ft. container